Assess the impact of living in shared accommodation Lazare on young volunteers and people who have experienced hardship.

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Support the association's teams in defining and implementing a sustainable evaluation process

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Comme Les Autres

Assess the impact of the social support offered by the association on the life course of people with motor disabilities

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Advice and evaluation

Support organizations in their impact strategy and/or carry out impact assessments from A to Z - with the constant concern of providing methodological and strategic recommendations.


Coach and monitor project leaders or evaluation managers on impact assessment, step by step, so that they are ultimately autonomous in monitoring the impact of their organization.
A flexible and tailor-made format.


Train and support the project team in the formalization of its impact strategy and/or impact assessment, as close as possible to the expressed needs, challenges and constraints of the structure.
Formats ranging from a ½ day to several days of training combining theoretical contributions and practical application (generally based on the project carried by the structure).

+ 200 missions carried out

Our team has been involved for 15 years in a multitude of different issues, via various support formats (advice, coaching, evaluation...) and tailor-made methodologies. To date, this represents more than 200 missions, the majority of which can be found on our References page, presented under 4 main categories of organizations for which we work : associations and NGOs, foundations and endowments, companies, and public and semi-public organizations.

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