Our history

Improve was created in 2009 by three students from HEC, who worked together to refine a specific assessment methodology to support social entrepreneurs around the world. They were convinced that this tool represented a powerful lever – as much a matter of communication and validation of its concept via “objective” evidence as a challenge of guiding and improving its action.

In the face of increasing demands, our projects today are mainly concentrated in France, but occasionally abroad (Tunisia, India, etc.).
We began as, and remain, a non-profit association (Law 1901) with the commitment of placing quality and impact at the heart of our work.

Our raison d'être

Who are these “emerging stakeholders” ? All organizations, regardless of their status or business model, that want to impact society positively – whether that intention has always been their reason for existing or they have recently identified this concern. Concretely, the former are associations, social enterprises, or companies with an assigned task, more “conventional business” carrying out one or more impact projects, corporate foundations or philanthropic organizations, and public bodies or ministries, etc.

“Enlighten and direct emerging stakeholders towards the common good.”

Enlightening is shedding light reliably and objectively on the impacts of an action or project ; helping to take a step back and take stock, despite the urgency of the situation. Finally, it provides organizations with all the knowledge and understanding they need to make relevant decisions.

Directing is positioning activities where they will be most efficient and have the strongest impact : adjusting, polishing, optimizing an action, or finding new ways… And that – on the largest scale – is contributing to change the indicators that reflect our society.


We have a broad range of skills and backgrounds, which is what allows us to provide our clients with customized solutions and is the source of richness in our work each day.

Emeline Felices

Executive officer

Julie Bentegeat

Evaluation officer

Marine Garaicoechea

Evaluation officer

Anne-Laure Hernandez

Evaluation officer

Clémence Gleizes

Evaluation officer

Stéphane Goss

Development officer

Esther Bredeka

Evaluation officer

The board

Alexandre Guinet


Thibault Romatet


Ecosystem & partners

We work with organizations or groups with whom we share mutual concerns.